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Massage Instruction

Are you interested in massage instruction for individuals, couples, or groups? Peter has extensive experience in teaching massage and can do a program for your needs. All instruction is literally hands-on -- learning by doing -- following a simple, written outline.

INDIVIDUAL: To learn the simple, written outline for one-on-one massage the client and I first practice the sequence of strokes on pillows arranged like a human form on the table. We then do the massage on each other following the outline. Thus, you get to experience the bodywork contained on the outline from Peter and then you try it on him and get feedback on your technique.

COUPLES: Each person pairs up with me to practice the strokes in the outline on the other person on the table. You learn by watching and imitating what Peter is doing while he is doing it. The lesson is reinforced when each person also receives the strokes being done from the outline.

GROUPS: Peter can rent and bring multiple tables, if needed, so that everybody in the group is paired up on a table. He begins by demonstrating the different types of simple strokes used in massage, such as kneading and wringing, and briefly reviews the written outline for one-on-one massage. Half the group practices the outline on the other while Peter circulates to further instruct on an individual basis. Then the group switches, and the second half of the folks there gets to practice, again with Peter circulating for individual attention. Thus, everybody gets to give and receive a massage. Group instruction can also be done with fourhanded massage.